Sexy , simple , beautiful .

App Store Review, 2019

This is a super-clean writing space with a lot of configurability that stays out of sight when you don’t need it.

App Store Review, 2020

Writer friends: I’ve searched for a clean, beautiful writing app. Most are bloated, or, if they use the light, elegant language Markdown, they’re too nerdy.
I’ve just found Paper and it’s incredible.

I’m too busy writing my books with Paper so I don’t have time to write a review here. It’s perfect, I can focus, super minimalist.
I just love it.

App Store Review, 2023

A whimsical and beautiful writing space. Super responsive developer.

App Store Review, 2020

Paper works. I started to write a paragraph or two and ended up at nine pages.

App Store Review, 2020

I have tried a great many minimalist writing applications, and this one is my favorite by far. It truly helps calm my mind and allow me to focus on the actual work.

App Store Review, 2020

I absolutely love this app, it is beautifully designed, very practical and simple to use. I use it everyday.

App Store Review, 2019

In the crowded field of minimalist writing apps, this one stands out.

App Store Review, 2019

This is easily the best text/markdown editor I have ever used. This app is packed with features, but still remains as simple as possible.

App Store Review, 2018

Delightful, marvelous app that makes it such a pleasure to write. It’s simple, elegant, and beautiful.

App Store Review, 2017
Photo of Mihhail

Hey 👋🏻

I am Mihhail, the maker of Paper.

Great minimal writing apps are a rarity these days. No doubt they start off minimal but seem to lose their focus as time goes by. Bloat creeps in one feature at a time. Before you know it what once was an amazing product for the few is now a mess of toggles and panels aimed at pleasing a wider audience.

Then there are other kinds of apps. The ones that avoid the bloat trap but at the same time never become truly special.
They are stuck in the “good enough”, at “90% done”.
Details — never polished to perfection.
Vision — never reached its full potential.
In the end, what could have been a one-of-a-kind delightful experience is now yet another boring app.

How is Paper different? From day one Paper opened to a blank sheet of paper. Today, many years later… it still does. 🥳

But don’t take my word for it. See for yourself. Have I delivered on my promise? 🤔

“Wait a sec… do you earn something with this?” Yes! Out-of-the-box you get my vision of the perfect writing space for free along with some basic tweaks like text size. More advanced personalization comes with a premium price tag. You won’t be buying anything blindly though. The trial period for Pro Features is untimed so you can take your time to decide if they are a worthy investment.

And if you need anything…

…I am just a tap away 🧐

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