3 best apps with
AI writing assistant

Looking for great apps that feature a GPT-3/GPT-4/ChatGPT writing assistant? Here are some of the best AI writing apps (the first one is a free Mac AI writing app with a free writing assistant).
Paper Icon


Super-clean writing space with a lot of configurability that stays out of sight when you don’t need it.

  • Gorgeous writing space
  • Silky-smooth typing
  • Deep personalization (Pro)
  • Markdown or Plain Text
  • Syncs with iCloud
  • Writes and edits texts with ChatGPT AI
  • Publishes drafts to Medium, WordPress, or Ghost
  • Exports to PDF, HTML, RTF, DOCX, image, or clipboard
  • Works seamlessly across your iPhone, iPad, and Mac

Assistant on the Mac

Edit menu → Write/Edit with AI

Assistant on the iPhone

Edit menu above the blinking cursor → Magic Wand

Assistant on the iPad

Edit menu above the blinking cursor → Write/Edit with AI

Craft Icon


Create documents, make impact. When your work needs to wow, Craft gives you the tools to make it magnificent.

Don't just process words - build documents

Craft brings structure to your documents - and gives you the tools and freedom to do it your way. Seamlessly combine images, text, media or tables for the perfect experience. Drive deep understanding and engagement by allowing the reader to consume your document just as they would a website. Add your brand and personal touches on top for the prefect document.

Big on impact, teensy weensy on effort

Organizing your workflow, writing your report, creating your code or mapping your masterplan; whatever you’re doing, the freedom to do it your way matters. Tables, toggles, markdown and blocks, back-linking, forward-thinking, in, out and shake it all about - Craft’s ingeniously rich feature-set gives you endless possibilities to love how you work. Just click and create for amazingly beautiful docs in minutes, then bring it all together in your own unique way.

One beautiful experience. All of your devices.

At your desk, on the go, on or offline, enjoy Craft’s powerful performance and legendary UI across your entire toolkit, courtesy of the native app experience. Lose the lag and fall in love with instant sync; quickly jump into any document on any device; and free your creativity with the same beautiful experience whatever device you’re on. We’ve even got a web-based app so you’ll never drop the ball again.

And plenty of ways to share the love

Why keep your brilliant work to yourself when we’ve made it really simple to share? Secret Linking, shared spaces, external guests, and fast, easy export; inspire action across teams, clients, and everyone who’s anyone with the kind of content that’ll make you look way more wow than yet another Google Doc. Or Word doc. Or (insert app you’re using here).

Reflect Icon


Think better with Reflect. Never miss a note, idea or connection.

  • Built for speed — Instantly sync your notes across devices.
  • Networked notes — Form a graph of ideas with backlinked notes.
  • iOS app — Capture ideas on the go, online or offline.
  • Calendar integration — Keep track of meetings and agendas.
  • Publishing — Share anything you write with one click.
  • Instant capture — Save snippets from your browser and Kindle.
  • Frictionless search — Easily recall and index past notes and ideas.

Give your brain superpowers

Mirror the way your mind works by associating notes through backlinks. Reflect builds you a second brain that you can reference anytime.

Your thoughts connected

Backlink your notes to make everything easily searchable.

Frictionless thought capture

Record your ideas and to-do’s easily, so you never miss a thing.

Build your network

Keep track of people you meet and what was discussed.

Never lose information

Collect all your web snippets, Kindle highlights and notes all in one place. Then quickly find them again at any time, on any device.

Integrated with your devices

We are where you are, mobile or desktop, online or offline. And we keep everything synced in real-time.

Secure but open

End-to-end encryption keeps your notes secure. Our export and API keeps your notes accessible.